Handmade Natural Round Terrazzo Bathroom Basin - Terrazzo Emerald

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Handmade Natural Round Terrazzo Bathroom Basin - Terrazzo Emerald


This hand made, hand crafted Terrazzo basin is 100 % Terrazzo. This attention to detail gives the basin an individualised elegance and style offering a uniqueness that will highlight any bathroom or relaxing home spa.

Shape: Round

Measurements: 400mm x 150 mm

Sink Installation: Vessel

Faucet Hole: No

Overflow: No

Waste Hole: 32 mm - standard waste hole

Exterior Finish: Polished

Interior Finish: Polished

Drain Included: No

Faucet Included: No

 **NOTE: As hand carved from natural stone, this terrazzo basin will have its own unique finish and may slightly differ from the picture(s) shown.

The interior of all Terrazzo basins come completely sealed with a two-component epoxy (Please see Care and Maintenance for further detail).