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Shipping Information & Rates

Shipping Information & Rates


To provide all of our customers with the best possible rates, we have a number of options available depending on your needs or location.


Auto Calculation

The auto calculation will give you a rate based on your location and order weight with TNT or Sendle's services.

Please note, this is not always the most competitive rate compared to our other logistics partners.


Shipping Time

We will ship and get your item delivered as soon as possible. Expect to receive your item within 7-14 business days, anywhere on the east coast of Australia.

Please note that once your item has shipped, we are unable to make any changes to your order and we unfortunately can't cancel the shipment. If you wish to change or cancel your order, please do so within 1 business day after placing your order.


Tracking Your Order

Once your order leaves our warehouse, we will send you an email containing a tracking number. Tracking numbers usually take one business day to activate. use the below link to track your order with TNT


Quote Request

If the automated rate is unreasonably high, please use the 'get a shipping quote' option at checkout.

You can also select 'get a shipping quote' if our system was not able to auto calculate a rate for your order.

After you checkout with this option, a member of our team will respond via email or phone within 48 hours with the best options for you.

We use our logistics partners: LAND TRANSPORT and PSR Transport to give you the best rates.


What happens next?

If you wish to continue the order with your quote we will send you a seperate shipping invoice. Once the payment is complete, we will process and send your order!

if you do not wish to continue with the order once you have recieved the quote, we will happily cancel and fully refund your order.


Depot Collection

We also have the option of depot collection for heavier items and larger orders.

Our logistics partner 'Land Transports' also offer collection at their depot locations across Australia.

Select the 'Depot Collection' option on checkout if it's available for your location. 

This will be named based on your nearest collection depot for example 'Depot Collection Adelaide (per pallet)'

If you order requires more than one pallet, we will get back to you after your order has been placed with a revised cost based on the prices below.

If your location is not on this list, or the 'Depot Collection' option does not appear at checkout, please select 'get a shipping quote' and we will get back to you with your options within 48 hours.


Depot Collection (main depot hubs) cost per pallet*:

Depot Location Per Pallet / 1-3 Tonnes Per Pallet / 3.1-8 Tonnes Per Pallet / 8.1-12 Tonnes Per Pallet / 12.1+  Tonnes
Adelaide $192 $176.64 $133.12 $125.44
Melbourne $179.2 $163.84 $133.12  $99.84
Perth $473.6 $473.6 $442.88 $410.88
Sydney $190.72 $161.28 $126.72 $107.52

*The prices shown are per Pallet and weight of your order. Larger order weights are cheaper per pallet.


See all of our Depot collection locations in the image below:


Damaged Packages

If your package arrives damaged, please call us within five days of receipt and we will take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Please be sure to save your box and all packing materials in case an inspection or pickup is needed.


Shipping FAQ

On checkout, I got an outrageously high shipping rate.. why is it so high?!

Out automated shipping calculator will give you a rate based on your location and order weight using TNT or Sendle, which isn't always the most competative rate. If this happens, please select the 'get a shipping quote' option and our team will repond with a more resonable shipping rate from our logistics partners.


I selected 'get a shipping quote', but i haven't heard back yet.

We aim to send out all quote requests within 48 hours. If you have not heard back within this time, please email or call us with your order details as soon as possible.


I want to select 'Depot Collection' but the option is not available at check out, what do I do?

If your location doesn't give the depot collection option, but you wish to use this service, please select 'get a shipping quote' and we will get back to you with your options within 48 hours.